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Pokémon GO vs Ingress: which one to play, and why

Pokémon GO vs Ingress

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Pokémon GO vs Ingress

Despite Pokémon GO is no longer a priority for many users, it is undoubtedly a much more popular game, and is used on its counterparty Ingress, and many other online multiplayer games currently available on Google Play. Not only in the recent ranking by Google, the Niantic game and Nintendo is ranked first because of the extreme popularity enjoyed in the second half of 2016. According to this view, it would seem that one Pokémon battle GO vs Ingress to be unequal, but we are sure that the situation for the old but still popular title is so disadvantageous?

Niantic has achieved a superb job creating not just a game for smartphones, but to a system of social relations that has slowly evolved into a sub-cultural movement, the loyalty of a smaller fan base but certainly alive and active.

Pokémon GO vs Ingress Plot

A game that has been able to arouse strong emotions and passion as to create a fanbase structured and loyal to the brand you can not miss to own a plot, as approximate: while Pokémon GO is a relative product derived from a brand much more mature but which has never focused on the thickness of the characters or the depth of the events, on the contrary Ingress can boast a decidedly developed narrative segment. Maybe too much.

Thus excluding the animated series and videogames earlier, Pokémon GO does not have a real plot : each player is affiliated with one of three teams, each of which has a particular vision about Pokémon and the relationship with them during training despite was and can still be a good connection to develop a history of tensions and ideological conflicts between the three team leaders (as well as in many titles for Nintendo consoles), Niantic not seem concerned about it, preferring to focus on gameplay and troubleshooting technicians.

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Conversely Ingress : since the first release Niantic preferred to leave that they were the users themselves, through world events and challenges in the open field, to trace the plot of the game ; three years later, the events have become so dense and complex that it is difficult to even retrieve a precise chronology. There is enough to know that, following the discovery by scientists at CERN to the presence of a space particle called ” Exotic Matter “, humanity has secretly split into two factions: the Illuminati, who want to use this substance to bring Earth’s population to a degree of further development, however, submitting to an alien race connected to it, and the resistance, which is opposed to this plan.

Pokémon GO vs Ingress Community and social interaction

Despite a video game the main demerit is precisely the lack of social interaction, which usually involves at least remain in the field of securities for gaming locally GO and Ingress Pokémon, because of their very nature, they quickly developed a wide fan-base.

Ingress is probably the game, the Pokémon battle GO vs Ingress, has mostly focused on the social aspect : not only is equipped with an internal chat to communicate with nearby players, but on Google+, Facebook and other social networks can be found nourished community of users willing to help newbies. It should be pointed out that a social game so requires at the same time the support of older players to progress quickly, otherwise the early stages may be slow if not ostiche for a novice user, forced to confront much more powerful adversaries and able to keep for some time a portal thanks to more advanced defenses.

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Even Pokémon GO, despite being devoid of internal communication methods, has created a large base of players connected to each other through Facebook groups dedicated applications: nevertheless, the social component is much less felt by developers including exchanges, if introduced, to resemble more remote rods that real negotiations between users. The need to move in the open, along with the extensive media hype received during the summer has helped many young people afflicted by psychological disorders to start a process of opening to the outside world, in a much more incisive than it probably never been able Ingress (for a variety of external factors, the most popular brand expectation has been created).

Pokémon GO vs Ingress Gameplay

Ingress, launched in 2013, has in fact a much larger game system and developed : in addition to possessing a vast catalog of items and modifiers balance between the factions, allows users who do not live nearby Portals or other sources of Matter exotic embark upon completion of missions that allow you to earn enough substance to enhance its equipment and level up. The combat mechanics, refined over the course of updates, also require a certain amount of tactics and strategy, often in coordination with other members of his own faction to be able to achieve the best possible result.

Conversely, Pokémon GO takes the weight of his relative youth and questionable decisions by the developers: not only the title is unplayable for Users in rural areas where Pokéstop and Gyms are virtually non-existent but necessary to progress and level up but also the fighting, which should represent the pinnacle of the gaming experience, are often dull and reduced to a simple -clicking game. Augmented reality, which is the strong point of Pokémon GO, is partially limited by the lag that the use of the camera means for capturing a Pokémon wild, forcing the coach to the squandering of precious Pokeball.

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Pokémon GO vs Ingress Longevity

If the rumors are confirmed, less than six months after the first release it will in fact introduced the second generation of Pokémon which was supposed to appear well a year after the first appearance of the game, a sign that the Pokémon GO success was much more impetuous than expected which will expand the pink creatures to train to build their team and launch the attack of Gyms and exceeding targets. So in addition to subsequent generations who, one day or the other, will make their entrance on Pokémon GO, you must consider the upcoming introduction of Events ” Raid ” for the catch Legendary Pokémon (as shown in the first trailer and confirmed by of the code) and the likely expansion of the gameplay (a possible League of Four?).

Ingress, despite the popularity, undergoes the shadow and the commitment that the Pokémon GO development calls for programmers to Niantic : certainly will not be abandoned or forgotten just as John Hanke has stated in a recent interview but we do not expect introductions sensational (but we will be happy to be proven wrong).

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