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Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – Unleash the madness is in you

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

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Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Plants Vs. Zombies was a real gold mine for the video game industry, as a result for the former independent team PopCap Games – later acquired by Electronic Arts which has produced few but interesting known applications, chats and still appreciated today throughout the world 2014 has, however, represented a sort of breaking point with the past, the Garden Warfare project indeed had the prerogative to use the universe of Plants Vs. Zombies to build around a compelling shooter infrastructure, creative and original. In part, the work succeeded and the success was quite good, however a number of deficiencies and inaccuracies it undermined the appeal in the long run; Today, just days before the release of the second chapter, we will tell you if the developers were able to remedy the shortcomings revealed in the past.

The main difference with the predecessor is the one announced since the early moments of the game, through a fun introductory video: Suburbia serves as a central hub and nerve center between the two factions – the plants and zombies – intent on fighting over in battle, as well as advancing the boundary that divides it perfectly in half. On the one hand a lively and colorful city, luxuriant life and plants; the other a dark, dark world, with death and destruction all around, among which a majestic house. Imagine how it sounds earnest the whole thing, then make a mental remembering to have as leaders Dave and The Mad Professor Zombotron.

The course of events will bring so many a tear you laugh, while the general climate will result in an incredible and irreverent racket, noticeable especially in the single player missions introduced specifically for this second chapter , which will enable us to take sides for both sides, in order to solve some thorny issues. Despite the originality of the production, we can not say the same about the variety of situations proposed in the single player mode.

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Sballonzolati from one end to the other gaming universe, reigns supreme a certain repetitiveness in each of the tasks assigned to us, although there are some really hilarious moments, collectible, card packs and many other goodies that make less than revealing. Even the longevity of this appendix helped change his mind: you can carry out the missions of both factions in about three or four hours, provided you do not have problems with very invasive online DRM designed by Electronic Arts.

To the question “What’s new in this Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2? “We basically already answered. Everything else, namely competitive and cooperative multiplayer component, was almost unchanged. So the classic coop with four players who make space between hordes of undead protecting their garden, are complemented by almost bodily taken by his predecessor. Starla Needless to mention all, we go from classic deathmacth to particular interpretations of conquest mode and gold rush, or more classic capture the flag, that lovers of the Battlefield series will know very well.

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 review

Despite the most demanding may notice the lack of a touch of novelty, it is with the multiplayer segment that Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 gives the best of himself . The 14 classes, customizing the alter-ego, the variety of maps (twelve at launch) and sophisticated gunplay, make it an appealing way to all, by lovers of third-person shooter for those who are looking for a fun game and that can entertain even if used in small doses. The impression is that the development team has been working carefully on building a level design that would provide users with a valid reason to prefer it to the competition, although the tone is still talk of a production that we take very seriously. More reason to appreciate the introduction of classes usually present in the military shooter, and then demands into a context almost cartoonish. By Cactus guardian of a sniper, the Girasole that serves as medical support, to get to the corn-cobs equipped with machine guns, everything is in its place; colors, textures, crazy characters, music and sound effects designed desk and perfectly placed in context.

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Not everything is rosy, and about Rosa, is just one of the latter discussed the characters of the moment. The reason is obvious: it is very unbalanced, both in terms of the base attack, both for special skills in his possession. The development team is, however, already running for cover, in fact days is expected a specific update; for the moment the justification was to have conceived that character as a support specialist, not as a “soldier” in the forefront. Therefore we can expect that will be revised in part its role, as well as that of other members, and that you take some precautions are necessary to maintain a smooth in-game which currently does not exist yet. Or at least, not always. The EA servers in many game situations have appeared unstable and the online DRM, leaving no escape even in single player, it’s always ready to go into action in case of a problem connecting to servers, reindirizzandoci to the main menu.

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