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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1: Everything is a s it seems

Minecraft Story Mode

Minecraft Story Mode

Did you know the guys from Telltale Games for recent episodic series and you can not live without? Then you might be interested in the latest release order, which tries to tie a cast of characters to the universe of Minecraft , application of the most played and requested, despite the years that separate us from entering the market. The announcement, to be honest, he created a stir enough to the peculiarities of the title in question: better to give vent to creativity, not much – indeed at all – because someone approcciasse to follow any of the plot dictates. The result?

winning the contest buildings. It all starts from here, with a group of friends who try for the umpteenth time the luck, the event hosted in the EnderCon. Jesse, what we might call the protagonist, is the dreamer of all, even the most enterprising; He is very fond of his little pig, who died because of a series of events during the event. That was enough to storyteller Telltale Games to initiate raids quite venial, flanked by typical environments Minecraft universe and the usual formula now known, made in Telltale: quick time event and junctions narrative.

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