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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1: Everything is a s it seems

Minecraft Story Mode

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Minecraft Story Mode

Did you know the guys from Telltale Games for recent episodic series and you can not live without? Then you might be interested in the latest release order, which tries to tie a cast of characters to the universe of Minecraft , application of the most played and requested, despite the years that separate us from entering the market. The announcement, to be honest, he created a stir enough to the peculiarities of the title in question: better to give vent to creativity, not much – indeed at all – because someone approcciasse to follow any of the plot dictates. The result?

winning the contest buildings. It all starts from here, with a group of friends who try for the umpteenth time the luck, the event hosted in the EnderCon. Jesse, what we might call the protagonist, is the dreamer of all, even the most enterprising; He is very fond of his little pig, who died because of a series of events during the event. That was enough to storyteller Telltale Games to initiate raids quite venial, flanked by typical environments Minecraft universe and the usual formula now known, made in Telltale: quick time event and junctions narrative.

Let me be clear, Minecraft: Story Mode is born with the intention of giving the enthusiast a different glimpse of Minecraft ; a sort of “reinterpretation” in a narrative, with the idea to rely on a cast and appropriate situations, twists and cliffhanger worthy of the name. The intentions were probably all, but the facts speak a completely different: in The Order of the Stone, the first episode, the narrative base is weak, boring, predictable. Lacking that touch of genius, savored eg in some episodes clips about Tales from the Borderlands , and the tones with which events are proceeding bizarre. It is difficult to take up a job of this kind, as it was difficult to do that with the first real test to this effect – which then gave birth to the new path taken by Telltale – that is, with Jurassic Park: The Game. Steps the irony of some passages and frivolity of some jokes, but on balance there is little else to enjoy. The result is only to bore the player for about ninety minutes, including grotesque stories and characters worthy of the worst B-movie of cinematic history.

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If the ideas behind this product are not wasted, quantitatively and qualitatively speaking, we can not certainly be waived on other aspects rather successful. Throwing behind behind the usual following of QTE, that this time they invest even some small crafting guided section, The Order of the Stone shows off a well-packed soundtrack , that fits in a piecewise superfine to various game sequences. As well as the dubbing, which makes use of a number of important collaborations: Billy West (Futurama, Adventure Time) Scott Porter (X-Men, Friday Night Lights), or already known Ashley Johnson heard in Tales from the Borderlands and The Last of Us as Patton Oswalt (Agents of SHIELD, Ratatouille) plus other equally important figures. Except for certain misinterpreted passages, we can not complain too much about it; Of course, those who want to enjoy it with subtitles in Italian will have to make do with the usual amateur translations.

Less well on the graphic side; agree blocky minimalism that distinguishes Minecraft, but Telltale Games would still have been able to be more daring in the design of some locations, often far too simple and stunted in size. Nevertheless, we had a couple of slowdowns and graphical glitches, that they put out quite well what was the hasty release of this series. As evidence of this, it is impossible to unlock the achievement until a few weeks after the release of the first episode, problem fixed later via patch.

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