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Magic Rush: Heroes – The best mobile RPG in 2017!

Magic Rush Heroes

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Magic Rush Heroes

The game Magic Rush: Heroes free mobile game, in which you have to pump heroes, defend your castle in the fascinating Tower Defence campaigns, as well as to fight against other players in real-time for the right to own kingdom! The game has lots of opportunities. You can control the ability of his characters in battles, PvP between players in the arena of real-time strategy battles on MIRV map, passage of the campaign, Tower Defence, and so on. All this makes the game Magic Rush is very diverse. Build your castle, bleed the hero and conquer the Throne!


Do more damage with the help of the proper use of powers

  • Choose a goal or direction for your abilities. You control a hero!
  • Imposes silence, Treat, Buffalo, Be – a huge number of skills.
  • Combine strategy, manage speed battles. Victory is in your hands!

Bleeding heroes will help you to protect your castle

  • Role play, different types of characters that are opened as you progress through the game. Hundreds of different abilities.
  • Select the 5 characters of more than 50, the possibility of combinations of the characters – are unlimited.
  • Suck heroes through improved equipment, pumping runes, unique software upgrade and select the desired weapon.
  • RPG and RTS possible production of new equipment and runes.

PvP and ranking system

  • Fight in the Arena five heroes, and global cross-server PvP-opening event with bans / peak system.
  • Provide the victory over the enemy, building the right plan and banned some enemy heroes.
  • Daily awards for the top of the arena and winning the opening event!
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Military strategy and RTS gameplay

  • Upgrade your castle, explore the technologies, attack the enemy on the World map and steal their resources.
  • Protect the kingdom together! Create alliances with more than a million players around the world to win the throne and rule the world.
  • RTS battle make it possible to destroy the enemies and become the dominant alliance on the server!

Tower Defence mod combines your favorite genres of strategic

  • The newest “Protecting Towers” with the characters combine different characters in order to protect the tower from the monsters!
  • During battles in the TD improve characters and correctly using the ability to kill more monsters.
  • Many different Tower Defence cards with bonuses.

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