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Head basketball: NBA 2K17 Review

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NBA 2K17

In the current championship basketball simulators until only one participant. NBA 2K17 comes into the race a little later, at the beginning of next year. It raises questions, especially given that the series only just beginning to find its feet. But it seems that the opponent’s position is not particularly worried about NBA Team 2K17. The series has long dominated the genre and with each release is only strengthening its position.

NBA top players somewhat reminiscent of spoiled boys. They behave overly confident, sometimes even defiant, adorn the front of the camera, shot in a shoe commercial. However, behind all this ostentatious, for veneer and luxurious life hidden hours of hard training and years on the road to success. It is the work of the basketball life, this time focuses the career mode for players (MyCareer), while not forgetting about the gloss and glamor.

After an unsuccessful collaboration with Spike Lee on a full scene mode is decided to refuse. Famed director helped remove the film on the game engine is just the same about the public side of the life of a young player, but neither he nor the developers did not bother to link it with the gameplay and our actions on the site.

In NBA 2K17 Cheats limited her short introductory history. In short roller it tells about the beginning basketball player who friends jokingly called “president of basketball.” The plot is deprived of drama and is intended rather to reveal the character and personality of the hero. In his role, we need to go through the student’s league and the youth national team to warm up before the performance in the NBA.

With the transition to the professional level of the story does not end in the important moments of the career features new episodes from the life of our basketball. But the emphasis is shifting towards the hard training. If the performance of the student in the league position depended on a draft, then hitting the “Chicago Bulls”, you need to start working in earnest. Because we come from the NBA humiliating low-rated, and it has to be a long time to shake. And the site will first have to produce only a few minutes.

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And just training process NBA 2K17 shows better than any other sports simulation. In the calendar, the player all the days between matches directly clogged practices. They are many and they are all different. There are simple exercises that you need to press the bar, to practice jumping and running, physically developing our athletes. And there is a very tough competition with his teammates, in which you yourself along with their wards learn to play well.

No worse than the game can tell and about how to manage individual clubs (MyGM) or even the entire league (MyLeague). Standing at the helm of “Los Angeles Lakers” have a lot to communicate with the owner of the club, to try to carry out its tasks, mostly related to obtaining profits and increase the popularity of the brand: how often to produce a certain player, whether to carry the team base in another city. Taking control of the NBA 2K17 Team, have to deal with the global challenges related to its regulations: when to start the season, whether it is necessary to reduce the limit on the attack, how to conduct a draft and the like.

Both modes are different this year the possibility to expand the league to six teams. It is impossible to say that this feature adds depth, but it allows you to create your own unique club or pick up something from someone else’s creations, to lure in the structure of star and not the players and try his luck in the fight for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy.

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More things to build his team tied multiplayer mode. There you can do customization of its own courts and club outfit, then to bring the team to the network site (2K Pro-Am), to invite its membership for friends and act as online games five by five, or in its form to participate in duels on the street basketball (MyPark ).

MyTeam once again proposes to collect a unique composition, collecting star players and legends of the past. From card modes other sports simulation it features a large number of different tests. For example, you will be offered to change the course of the match at a loss of twenty points or pull out a victory when the battle goes on equal terms.

Similar scenarios are repeated iconic NBA 2K17 games last season, and in the course of this, the developers promise to add new ones. No less interesting to check the strength of the team in matches against “Cleveland Cavaliers”, “Miami Heat” and other members of the league. Or bring it to the courts to fight against street famous players of years gone by. But here, however, need to understand that in MyTeam get decent card oh how difficult, if you do not want to pay the money in the game.

In the struggle increased viscosity, it has become a contact and tight. There is more you can not just slip the ring on the run past all. If someone is on the way, it is you, at best, stop, and at worst will put a hard block and takes the ball. The box also often have to literally wade, pushing the defenders of the body and coming up with how to outwit the tricks of their transfer or partner.

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Of particular importance in the fight against acquired hands. The defender can grab the attacker’s wrist and pull to the side or shove away from the box. Given that the take away the ball and lock the roll is still difficult, the right choice of the position and the ability to defend it and to close the passage of the enemy become a good alternative.

The ball no longer seems a heavy shell with a predetermined trajectory. His behavior is now more difficult to predict, it is longer in the air and almost hovers over the ground on a roll or high gear. Because of this, throwing three and give the risky transfer has become more difficult.

Special reverence worthy AI partners and opponents. Under his management, the players behave naturally, and now and then demonstrate various tricks. Opponents are constantly looking for a gap in your defense, or trying to take away any of the defenders of the way. In the absence of an attack the attacker will think of variants to step back and run the ball in the basket. Companions also are good to open a transfer, and once on the vantage point, signaled immediately that it would be nice to give a pass.

2K17 NBA Team basketball simulator for fans: a detailed, varied, sometimes complex. It is characterized by verified and perfected gameplay and beautifully able to submit their sport. Not widely understood gameplay elements like the league management then combined with an affordable and spectacular career of the player, which shows that for ostentatious NBA stars are painstaking exercise. Well, the overall abundance of modes illuminates the American basketball from all sides. Visual Concepts continue to make the most incredible and believable sports simulator. Unless they failed to impress us anything special this year.

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