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Pokémon GO vs Ingress: which one to play, and why

Pokémon GO vs Ingress

Pokémon GO vs Ingress

Despite Pokémon GO is no longer a priority for many users, it is undoubtedly a much more popular game, and is used on its counterparty Ingress, and many other online multiplayer games currently available on Google Play. Not only in the recent ranking by Google, the Niantic game and Nintendo is ranked first because of the extreme popularity enjoyed in the second half of 2016. According to this view, it would seem that one Pokémon battle GO vs Ingress to be unequal, but we are sure that the situation for the old but still popular title is so disadvantageous?

Niantic has achieved a superb job creating not just a game for smartphones, but to a system of social relations that has slowly evolved into a sub-cultural movement, the loyalty of a smaller fan base but certainly alive and active. Read More

Turbo League: Sensation Play “Rocket League” On Smartphone!

Turbo League Hack

Turbo League Hack

For some people must be familiar with the game Rocket League. Rocket League is a popular PC game. Offers a unique concept, and the gameplay is interesting, a lot of people willing to buy, and spend time playing this game. Football between cars! Indeed, the concept of fun and make a “lost interest” when to play this game brings its own excitement.

Turbo League! The free version of Rocket League is cloningan or say so inspired by the Rocket League. But even so, this game will bring and give the thrill of playing “Rocket League” in the palm of your hand using your smartphone.

As Rocket League, in this Turbo League you will control a small car, to play football. The game itself looks very promising. Karna seen offers gameplay, and visually the same as Rocket League.

The game itself will bring an interesting feature. You gamers can play 3 vs. 3 mutliplayer mode in Cross-Platform, you can meet with the Android users iOS users, and vice versa. No announcements yet more detail when the exact release date of this game. Clearly this game will be available for iOS and Android of course can be played for free. Yuk witnessed its first trailer.

Zero Four as the creators of the game have also offered to buy the items that you can buy. Some premium items include cars and nos. There are many choices of cool cars, but you have to buy and also item nos. You can use Turbo League Hack to get unlimited nos and unlock all the cars.

The Last Guardian Review: an emotional roller coaster ride

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian

On December 7, The Last Guardian released the last major PS4 exclusive title of the year. Sat 9 years in development, the puzzle adventure places the unusual friendship between a small boy and a huge bird monster. In the first chapter of our test day we provide you with impressions of the first game hours with the final version. 2009 announced for PS3, for a long time believed missing, 2015 for PS4 again announced: The Last Guardian has an unprecedented odyssey behind itself. Now the game of genDESIGN and Sony Japan Studio is finally finished and is available on the 7th of December exclusively for the PS4 in the shop. Our two-part test is now ready, at the end you will read the update based on the last game hours as well as the final score.

The Last Guardian Review: Many questions, few answers. How did we land in this mysterious game world? What sort of a mysterious giant creature-half-cat, half-bird-who is lying on the ground, spear-pierced? And how do we get away? Even after more than ten game hours, we have not yet received any clear answers to these questions, at best hints. Admittedly, during the 10 hours, various search and search minutes were included. Actually, the puzzles is only about progress. But this is easier said than done with a duo of a small boy and a huge creature. Narrow openings are, of course, only one of the two, so you have to look for a switch after short crabs, in order to open the door or the gate to the meter-high companion. Sometimes it is also enough to climb a higher level with the boy and to show the way to Trico, who then follows with a brave jump.

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